Robin Hood Approach Towards Marketing

Robin Hood Approach to Marketing Using the Internet


In the 21st century, the internet is king. There is so much opportunity on the web. You can find almost anyone’s contact information, so if you wanted to inquire about a job opportunity, you have that unlimited freedom. It’s the perfect platform to get your name out there. You could make a website for yourself, acting as a resume/business card type entity, that people can can visit and check out your accomplishments and interests. This is so interesting to me because there are so many people out there that have used different web outlets to build there portfolio and to start their career.

This is new to us, it is something our parents did not have access to when they were growing up trying to find there way. All our generation needs to access these opportunities is a laptop. If a kid wants to create music, they could do that through the a simple computer program. If someone wanted to become a filmmaker, they could upload videos to YouTube for the world to see. If someone wanted to design a logo or some articles of clothing, they could, again, use a simple computer program to create their vision and upload their work to an online portfolio.         

Another common marketing tactic that has emerged in the 21st century has been to post your own advertisements (illegally) like stickers or posters around a high traffic area, that will in theory trigger interest in people to visit your website or an online profile of yours. I think this a cool and easy way to market yourself because it is sort of like a mystery. Chances are slim that anything will come from your ads, but who knows who is out there that might give you an opportunity to do something interesting, and the worst case scenario is that people will visit your site/profile (publicity is a good thing).

I am interested and motivated by to see in what ways the internet will continue change the way young people out there pursue their dreams. The doors that this giant web of information can open is like nothing we’ve seen before in history, and the fact that this technology is still so new, from my perspective, in regards to how much it will inevitably evolve, is really cool to think about. What an opportunity our generation has here to develop our individual situations, not to mention the generations to come. The Ted Talk by the woman from the show The Shark Tank explained how she found success by getting on the internet bandwagon so early, but again, I think right now is still “early” in terms of the internet revolution, and I feel like there are still plenty of those “Robin Hood”-esque moves that the internet can provide.